Human-centred leadership

Anthony Howard wrote the book on Human-centred Leadership in 2015, and then completed a doctorate researching this vital leadership capability, in the process creating a new model of Personalist Leadership. Personalist Leadership—or human-centred leadership—is a relationship of mutual service, between leader and follower(s), in solidarity with one another for the common good. Personalist leaders and followers take full responsibility for themselves, others, and their world, which then provides a framework for ethical behaviour. Since all leadership involves people, this approach show how people work together to achieve a noble purpose, providing a foundation to human-centred leadership and management. Human-centred leadership is not about humans as the object of our leadership. It is about humans as a person, and creating the conditions for them to be fulfilled. As people grow, business grows.

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Humanise: Why Human-Centred Leadership is the Key to the 21st Century

We are guided by the human pursuit of beauty, truth and goodness.

Driving Belief

We believe a relentless focus on the human person and the values of Beauty, Truth and Goodness delivers long-term sustainable growth.


To promote the values of Beauty, Truth and Goodness as a panacea to the metacrises confronting society.


We are on a ten-year quest to foster a new renaissance.


Care, Collaboration and Elegance.

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