Four services to change the way leaders lead, build culture, grow businesses, and shift systems.​

We help leaders build Value-centred capabilities to transform institutions, organisations, and systems, and build stronger connections across the three pillars of society: democracy, the economy, and the common good.

Leadership Capability

Helping to build more Value-centred organisations through leadership.

The speed and complexity within which leaders operate confronts each leader’s capacity to be human, and to treat others as humans. Such a world demands a 21st century approach to leadership, focused on creating environments in which people can flourish, in order to liberate human initiative and perspective, foster effective collaboration, and navigate morally complex decisions.

As the pace of societal, technological and environmental change accelerates, leaders face new challenges to remain value-centred. We work to enhance human dignity among leaders and teams, and ensure people do not become a means to an end.

The demands of this moment, and the consequent pressure on business, governmental and social structures, reveal an imperative to reinvent leadership in order to navigate the shifting paradigms.

We help executives with strategic mandates learn from these demands and opportunities and help them to explore a range of futures, and grow their capability, while maintaining a relentless focus on values.

New models of growth

Helping leaders scale solutions at the intersection of human need, human ingenuity, and commercial opportunity.

Helping leaders scale solutions at the intersection of human need, human ingenuity, and commercial opportunity.

Long-term, sustainable growth is a result of framing growth through a human lens, while growth for growth’s sake is a flawed agenda that ultimately treats persons as disposable assets. Hence truly effective innovation that solves human need at scale is grounded in a particular way of thinking about people as persons.

Value-centred innovation releases creativity, overcoming omnipresent technology that stifles human innovation. We ultimately help leaders, institutions and organisations liberate human initiative beyond a select few to embed growth mindsets across the system.

Culture Shift

Helping leaders transform organisational culture to be Value-centred and future-fit.

We help organisations build the kind of culture change that this new paradigm calls for. Transforming an organisation doesn’t stop with the creation of a new strategy, or the introduction of growth mindsets. Culture plays an essential role in translating purpose mission, vision, and values into practice.

Our approach goes beyond values to identify what needs to shift at a behaviour level.

Coalitions for Systemic Change

Helping leaders from business government and society collaborate to transform systems.

Reinventing leadership in order to place values at the centre of decision-making in business, government and society is a challenge no single actor can undertake alone.

Because success is grounded in overall success of the system of which one is a part, we help you identify the people in your ecosystem, the impact on them, and the manner in which you can collaborate for meaningful change.

We build alliances that bring together partners in an ecosystem from around the world. We work with leaders to create a shared understanding of the context and a common vision of the future, anchoring strong commitment through joint thought leadership and collaborative projects. Every member of these alliances drives powerful positive systemic change.

If you would like to learn more about the Socratic Leader Academy or work together help the world move beyond metacrises and foster Beauty, Truth and Goodness, please get in touch.

Building a better world, one leader at a time.

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