Welcome to the
Socratic Leader Academy

Restoring human dignity to business, government and civil society.

We believe that a relentless focus on people is the key to sustainable growth

We help you build human-centered environments, using our proprietary model, across four dimensions: the way your leaders lead, the way your people act, and the way your organisation grows—and then we help you create coalitions to change systems.

Re-inventing leadership, innovation, culture, and ecosystems.


A place for deep thinking and questioning beyond the boundaries of your life.

The Academy, made famous by Plato and Socrates, is that place ‘outside the walls’ where you can engage with big thinkers, grapple with big questions, and lay the foundation for big impact.


Developing human-centred leadership practices with a relentless focus on people.

New models
of growth

Putting the person at the centre of every decision and action, as a foundation to sustainable growth.


Embedding care and human flourishing as guiding principles of behaviour.

Coalitions for
Systemic Change

Enhancing collaboration between agents in order to transform systems.

Our proprietary model introduces Human-Centred Leadership…

If you would like to learn more about the Socratic Leader Academy or work together to re-invent the way the world does leadership, please get in touch.