Hello, I’m
Anthony Howard

Let me show you how I may be of service, as we apply timeless wisdom to the challenges challenging humanity.

Humanise: The Book

Humanise. Why Human-Centered Leadership is key to the 21st Century.

Humanise is a comprehensive look at human-centred leadership, providing insight and guidance for those who want to change the world. A deep examination of the concept of moral leadership, this book examines what it is, how it’s acquired, and how it can be applied in business, government, and society. Readers will gain insight into predominant leadership styles exemplified in governments and organizations around the world, and discover the missing pieces that come together to more effectively guide people through challenges and transitions. With a focus on building a solid foundation, a strong moral compass, and deep empathy for others, this book shows you how to be a leader wherever you are, build your leadership capability, and make a positive impact on the world.

Keynotes & Presentations

A speaker with deep insight on what it means to be human

Anthony brings leadership to life with stories gleaned from a life of conversations and consulting. Whether a boardroom or a conference keynote, his unique insights strike a chord with leaders endeavouring to navigate the intense, and usually competing demands of their world, while caring for people and doing the right thing.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all workshops & retreats are on hold. We will be sure to update you when they resume.

Immersion retreats

Give yourself
the gift of time

Immersion Retreats are custom designed for individuals or  small groups, held in locations around the world, designed to give you time out from the intensity and trajectory of your  life, to consider where you are going and why, and then to write — or rewrite — your playbook for getting there. The Athens’ immersion retreat follows the footsteps of the philosophers, applying the big questions about life to
your leadership.


Finding better questions for the challenges that challenge you

People frequently remark on my ability to find and ask very different questions. I don’t claim to be able to solve your problems, however a unique Socratic approach customised to the size and complexity of your challenge will help you rethink and find better questions.

What we do

timeless wisdom

The Socratic Leader Academy is the culmination of Anthony Howard’s life’s work to be the artisan of new humanity. It has one purpose: to bring timeless wisdom to leaders and your leadership. If you want to learn how leaders navigate complexity, and how humans can triumph. If you are a leader who runs a marathon every day and needs time out to review your maps and models. If people are depending on you for an answer and you haven’t yet found the question.
Let me join you
on your journey